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The report on the Green Ambassadors toolkit outlines the development and application of an e-learning resource aimed at fostering climate neutrality within educational institutions. It provides guidance on implementing sustainable practices, assessing performance, and engaging students through competitions and environmental awareness activities.

Main Conclusions

Green Ambassadors refers to individuals or groups, often within educational or corporate settings, dedicated to promoting environmental awareness and sustainable practices.


These ambassadors are pivotal in advancing ecological conservation by leading initiatives such as recycling drives, sustainability campaigns, and educational programs that foster a culture of environmental responsibility.


By embodying and advocating green behaviors, Green Ambassadors play a crucial role in influencing their communities towards a more sustainable future.

  • The Green Ambassadors toolkit serves as a comprehensive e-learning resource designed to equip educational institutions with the necessary tools to promote and sustain climate-neutral practices.

  • This report provides an in-depth overview of the toolkit's components, its implementation strategies, and the impact of its application within schools.

  • Through the development of guidelines for assessing environmental efforts and organizing educational contests, the toolkit aims to cultivate a proactive approach to environmental stewardship among students and educators, aligning with the broader goals of the Carbon Neutral Schools project.

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